Watch: On live TV Mexico’s Vicente Fox uses F-word again about Trump’s wall, likens Trump to dictator

On live CNN TV this morning Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox did it again he colored Trump’s wall with the F-word and then had all sorts of other gem-like things to say about Trump. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota was talking to Fox about current Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto’s even demeanor last January when talking to Trump about the wall (leaked transcript here).

Camerota: Do you think the president of Mexico should have been more forceful in saying it’s never gong to happen?

Fox: Well you can use my word we will never pay for that fucking wall.

Camerota (suppressing nervous smile): “I apologize to our morning audience for the salty language this morning. Perhaps I should have taken that offer for the five-second delay.”

Other fun Fox quotes from the interview:

[About Trump] “He’s always lying to the American people.”

“That’s incredible that the United States people is accepting a president that doesn’t want media…he’s trying to shut them down…that’s the attitude of a dictator.”

“Trump has to learn that the US is a democracy.”

“How can we trust a US president that lies every minute of the day?”


British place-names generated by a neural net

Dan Hon (perfecting earlier work by Tom Taylor) trained an AI on the vast corpus of British place names, then set it loose. The results are amazing, illustrative of an uncannily human humor seemingly at work, something you’d never get from the standard syllable-randomizing place name generators of yore.

“There aren’t as many cocks as you’d think,” he writes.

My favorites: Brotters Common, Boll of Binclestead, Farton Green Pear End, Weston Parpenham, Sutsy Compton, Stoke of Inch, Kinindworthorpe Marmile, Rastan-on-croan, Fuckley, Fapton, Waterwitherwell.

See also Hon’s AI trained to generate Ask Metafilter post titles.

Surely neural-net-generated Liffs are next.


Fire chief arrested in Japan for tricking women out of their swimsuits

The 30-year-old fire chief at a fire station in the Tokyo city of Hachioji was arrested for defrauding a woman into giving him three of her used swimsuits. Takumi Murakami told the woman via Facebook, “Do you have any athletic swimsuits that you are not using? I’m collecting swimsuits for swim teams in foreign countries that can’t afford to buy their own, so I’d be very grateful if you could help me.”

Via Japan Kyo:

The woman Murakami contacted did not give him any of her swimsuits, however, in May a friend of the woman, also in her 20s, gave Murakami three of hers. Shortly thereafter, one of the woman found that the donated swimsuits were being sold via the virtual marketplace app Mercari. When confronted Murakami admitted to to lying and selling the donated swimsuits.

Police arrested Murakami on charges of fraud. He has admitted to the charges saying “I wanted to make some extra spending money.” He has also admitted to having done this before a number of times.