This Post Can Help A Family & Help Your Groups And Communities, Too.

This Post Can Help A Family & Help Your Groups And Communities, Too.

It is REALLY Rare… that something as simple as a post or email actually do something as important as SAVE A LIFE. (for real)

We are talking about the life Of Sarah Humphrey – A mother of two – Who has been diagnosed with Liver cancer…. And this is YOUR chance – to not only grab a REALLY cool piece of software but to also – help save Sarah’s life in the process. Sarah’s Husband, Troy Has put together an AWESOME system called Text Extreme PRO and is putting this program up at an INCREDIBLE discount for this last weekend of February 2015 only -as a ton of people rally around – and look help out this family, by telling their friends and customers about it. (All sales proceeds go to the family – no commissions or anything here at all.)

So – Let me tell you why this software is awesome – It allows you to install on any site (it is a plugin) and then be able to send UNLIMITED text messages, SMS’s and voice broadcasts. *You can even separate people into groups – and send different messages to different groups. * links with Twilio – and the rates per SMS are less than 0.7 of a cent!!this works in every country too.

Imagine the OPEN RATES –

Imagine the SERVICE ability – Imagine the SALES ability

Where SMS coupons can be sent out…. School notificationsGroup Marketing messagesSocial group alertsEmergency connectionsin fact ANYTHING where sending a message to someone
can be used…

And here is the amazing thing –


This is not only incredible software AND – you will also get a chance to grab DEVELOPERS RIGHTS to the program.

As an optional extra – And SELL THIS PROGRAM to every business, school, Church group and sporting club you can possibly think of. This is a REAL chance to have an incredible cash flow business – just dropped into your lap And – at the same time, help out a family who has been hit in the worst possible way.Your Help is really appreciated.And the SOFTWARE – and optional developers rights -Will give you an INCREDIBLE tool – that you can use immediately for impact marketing and sell on to EVERYONE for a massive profit train.


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