Pay What You Want for the 2016 Learn to Code Bundle

Everyone has an idea for an app or a website, but only the few and the proud know exactly how to make it happen with real, live, tangible tech skills. Those do-ers are coders and you too can learn how to build apps and sites like a pro with this Coding Course Bundle that you simply pay what you want for. Up your savvy to the real deal level with these essential skills for working and creating in 2016.

There are over 90 hours of expert instruction here with nine courses that cover the waterfront on all the mandatory programming languages. For web and game development you’ll go through the Python course and tackle concepts like data visualization, map integration and e-commerce functionality. There’s even a course that can teach you Linux in five days, even if you’re totally starting from scratch. In the web developer class, you’ll get certified in HTML, CSS JavaScript and PHP to get you up to speed on databases. If you’re already code savvy, the Ruby course will take you from basic to boss with advanced features like threads and metaprogramming.

There’s also Git, cloud computing, CSS3, MySQL and more languages ready to be mastered here. It’s all totally flexible: you can learn at your own pace and just pay what you want to unlock this course pack. It’s never too late to learn a new skill, especially one that’s more or less mandatory for working in tech these days. Start today and ramp up your hireability with a shiny new resume full of coding languages. Check out the link for more details.

Pay What you Want for the Learn to Code 2016 Bundle in the Boing Boing Store.


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