Disaster Survival Guide

When you have the knowledge that you need, you can definately weather short-term and long-term disasters. But without knowing how to survive, you lessen your odds of making it through successfully. Survival guides share the knowledge that can help you to survive no matter what your location is – and knowing and preparing for the different ways to survive in any territory will provide you the skills you need for the right outcome… you and your family safe and sound.

Surviving an emergency situation isn’t the same in the wilderness as it is in an urban setting. There ís also a big difference between surviving in the woods versus surviving a catastrophic weather event. But wherever you happen to be, always remember the first rule: Don’t panic. Panic can lead you to make foolish decisions that will hamper your chances of making it through. Regardless of your situation, food, water and shelter should be your focus.

With a survival guide for any situation, you’ll learn that whenever you’re traveling through a wilderness area or a long stretch of road in remote areas, always have emergency supplies. No one ever expects a vehicle to break down or to get lost in the outdoors, but it happens. http://survivalminds.press/prepare-smart 

You should have a hat to cover your head, water, a mirror, and matches on hand. Matches are necessary because the temperatures in the desert drop at night. Not only that, but you can use matches to burn tires or other items to signal for help.

You should have a flashlight, a first aid kit and a blanket with you. Remember too, not to wander away from your vehicle – it’ll be harder for search teams to find you. But don’t sit in your vehicle, because the temperatures inside can get too hot.

Urban survival is different in that people aren’t conditioned for the break down of societal rules following a disaster. Urban survival can quickly break down to simply food, shelter and staying alive.

Survival guides that discuss urban survival always mention food storage, a means to cook the food, a water filter or purification tablets and facial masks to protect against contaminants.

Wilderness survival is different from urban survival, in that the location can offer special challenges depending on the area. You’ll need a waterproof backpack packed with the following items: first aid kit, food bars, matches, a compass, a knife, string, water purification tablets and a parachute cloth or one man tent. You can use the string to tie to trees, drape the parachute cloth over it and create instant shelter.

Disaster survival guides will cover how to survive in any area for specific length of times (short-term and long-term). Youíll learn the supplies that youíll need to have on hand and the guides can give you the self-confidence to survive any situation. It’s smart to be prepared for the unexpected.

I recommend the following links for vital information: http://survivalminds.press/prepare-smart 

Also check out http://survivalminds.press/electric-grid-down

Good luck! Play safe.


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